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Hi There

Bipedal Dog (“BDog”) is a remote game development studio. The kinds of games we make (and want to make!) poke at the edges of gameplay and introduce new ideas to familiar types of games. Yeah, that sounds kind of vague, but our first project Blast Rush, for instance, reconsiders the basic rules of a bullet-hell shooter.

Like so many others in our boat, BDog is a tiny, not-so-rich-and-famous studio right now, and help is brought in to a project when necessary. Nevertheless, we value the voice and expertise of diverse talents. We hope you’ll stick around to see what we have in store!

🙋"Is it 'bi-PEA-dal' or 'bi-PED-al?'"

You know, we never really thought about it.

Company Outline

Ray Barnholt is the founding director of Bipedal Dog and its sole employee, for better or worse. His professional involvement with video games began in the mid-2000s after catching the slowly ebbing wave of web journalism, and never wasted a chance to shine a light on off-center or seldom remembered games — an interest later channeled into a self-produced game history zine, SCROLL. Game design seemed like the next logical choice. Ray can also sometimes be heard on the podcast Retronauts and occasionally plays some of those aforementioned off-center games on Twitch.